Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Weekend Recap

On Friday night, we ventured out to Bangsar. Bangsar is an expat neighborhood on the outskirts of KL. Lots of nightclubs, restaurants, etc. A part of the neighborhood is set up like a grid, so window shopping (okay, bar hopping) is relatively easy. We had never been there at night, so we thought we'd give it a try. We waited until around 7 for the traffic to die down, but alas, it didn't. So...after a very hungry taxi ride of almost an hour, we finally arrived. (Note to self: Trying to venture to the KL 'burbs on a Friday night is like trying to get out of Houston on a Friday night. Never again.) We went to La Bodega, since the tapas we had had there on my salon excursion a few weeks ago were yummy, and one can never have too many tapas, right? I do love the chance to sample all sorts of yummy foods in one sitting and not have to unbutton my pants. Anyhoo, the tapas were tasty, the wine was tasty, and then we decided to check out some other nightspots.

Finnegan's in Bangsar - a bit of a disappointment. We much prefer the one on Jalan Sultan Ismail. More people watching opportunity. Then onto The Lockup or something like that, where all the waitstaff wear black and white jail ensembles. We sat outside, but again, not much to look at. Everyone looked like us! Plus, the waitstaff gave us the feeling that they didn't really want us there, so we headed across the street to what looked like a Latin bar. Wrong. After about 45 minutes of Indian dance music (which is fine, just not our cup of tea) we went home. Oh, on the way home we picked up Season 1 of Six Feet Under, my favorite show of all time.

Saturday was all about sleeping in, grocery shopping at Isetan, looking for patio furniture (so our patio doesn't look at white trash as it currently does, what with the camping chairs and folding card table) and watching SFU. Oh, and we made some yummy fish tacos.

Sunday we organized the gym a little, watched SFU and then attempted some shrimp cakes from Matt's new cookbook. He's definitely the chef, I'm the sous chef, following behind him, cleaning up, putting things in bowls, etc. It works. Anything for Matt to get to use his new knifes. Well, the only shrimp that we could find that were already shelled, deveined, etc., were at Isetan. I mean, after peeling shrimp, de-pooping them, pulling off their little legs (and heads!), I am just not all that keen on actually eating them. So, we got these baby shrimp. Mistake #1: They were frozen, and rather than dethawing them (which we forgot to do), we just Magic Bullet-ed them right up. Makes for a watery cake, which we then had to put in a muffin tin to chill for them to hold their shape, and then sop up the extra water from the top. Yum. So after all that work, we were ready to cook those bad boys up. We pan fry them, and Matt takes a bite. Okay, here's where we get to Mistake #2: At Isetan, some of the labels on the meat, produce, etc. are not in English. So we saw shrimp, and we picked up shrimp. Now, something on the label must have said Packed in Brine, but we didn't see that. So the shrimp cakes were so unbelievably salty we had to throw them out. Good thing for the frozen pizza we had in the freezer. We ate that with our artichokes and the yummy mango-avocado salsa we had made for the shrimp cakes. It was pretty good, actually.

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