Monday, March 19, 2007

Dinner, Malaysian Style

We have just discovered hawker cuisine! Hawkers are essentially small food stalls set up alongside the road or near markets. Many times, you will find hawker stands in groups, with little tables and chairs set up in the sidewalk or street for diners. These groups of hawkers give you the chance to sample all sorts of authentic Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine, all in one setting.

Now, I remember a time when Matt and I saw hawkers and thought, "Oh, we are never eating there" and of course, you do need to be a bit smart about it (i.e., bugs on the food = don't eat it), but we went to Jalan Alor on Saturday night and really enjoyed the whole experience! So, again, it's all about perception. And the food is actually very good - and cheap! We had satay for 7 ringgits, which is about $2 USD. And it kicked ass! Peanut sauce goes with everything.

I just think the whole concept is great. Lots of food choices, cooked right there, and a big group of people all relaxing, eating, talking. It's much more casual than a restaurant, and a pretty cool experience.

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