Thursday, April 26, 2007

Our Wedding Pics are Here!

It took us forever to order our wedding pictures. We had already ordered the CD of all the proofs, which we can always print out, but we did want a few professionally printed, touched up photographs.

So, as is my way, I became overwhelmed with decisions, so what did I do? Procrastinated, which is what I always do when I have too many options. Give me three or four, and I'm fine, but give me 500 options, and my brain almost just spontaneously combusts. (Hence my and Matt's discussions every Friday..."Where do you want to eat? I don't know, where do YOU want to eat? I don't know, I can narrow it down to three or four....")

So we finally sat down and made our choices, and they made it here today! Hey, six months after the wedding isn't TOO bad. Now we just have to find frames for them all, which will be another project that will inevitably take at least another few months :)


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