Friday, July 20, 2007

Computer Update

It's 3:40pm. No computer yet. I have to have a computer to travel to the US with, so fingers crossed. We have found out that they have no back up plan in case it doesn't get repaired. I am a big fan of back up plans, but that's just me...`

At 2pm, the IT guy told M that they were waiting on the Dell guy to come after 2. M asked "2pm Malaysian time?" to which the IT guy chuckled. He understands why we are worried. It's Friday afternoon after prayers. Traffic is snarled and not a lot gets done on Friday afternoons.

M and I have been total thorns in their side, calling or dropping by every hour or so. We've learned the hard way that this is the best way to try to get things taken care of here. Just ride herd on it.

I just called, and the Dell guy was there. Hallelujah! We are over hurdle #1. Now, as long as the problem really IS the motherboard, and the Dell guy actually BROUGHT the part with him, we should be in business. Fingers crossed...


At July 24, 2007 at 1:23 AM , Anonymous reese said...

ugh, don't you hate having to constantly ride their rears to get anything done?


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