Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hong Kong (and Sanjaya McCrackhead)

I am off to Hong Kong tomorrow. Matt has a business trip there and so I'm going up there for the weekend with him. Luckily, I have a colleague who grew up in Hong Kong and sent me all kinds of great tips. Of course, I'm probably most excited about the dim sum. Again, I love the snacky food. I'll recap when I get back.

And on another note, I just saw American Idol. You've got to be shitting me. Does Sanjaya not realize that about a billion people see him acting like a karaoke singer on crack every week? I really think someone must be paying Sanjaya to act like an asshat. First, the horrendous rendition of "You Really Got Me" last week, and then this week we were treated to the banana clip mohawk look. Even Gwen Stefani couldn't say anything cool about this kid.

I think the pressure's finally gotten to him.

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