Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Desert Packing List Doesn't Normally Include Galoshes

What do you get when you cross a city built in a desert and 105mm of rain in 48 hours?

A really solid argument for a city drainage system.

I arrived in Dubai last night, not knowing that it had been raining pretty solid for a couple of days. Apparently, when this happens, all hell breaks loose because, well, it's a desert and thus, their infrastructure isn't really prepared for rain - much less a lot of rain.

I guess my first clue was last night when, on the way from the airport, we saw several cars stalled on a flooded feeder road. This morning, it was still raining, although not particularly heavily. Those of us used to driving in Houston (which also can't brag about its drainage system) thought nothing of it. But like I said, when it rains this much in a city with no drainage system, it doesn't take much. Most people couldn't even make it into work. I had a crap time trying to get a cab when the car and driver for me didn't show up. Then, once I found a cab, I couldn't find a freakin' working ATM. Finally, the front desk of the hotel brought me some cash, and I was on my way. I got all the way out to work, only to come back to the hotel after finding out my meeting was cancelled.

As it turns out, schools have been closed for days now. I've heard of snow days, but rain days? Speaking of snow, it's supposed to snow in Saudi Arabia this week.

It's also in the 50's here. Not only did I not think to bring an umbrella to the desert (silly me), but I also brought no jacket and only one long sleeved shirt.

I used to always check the weather before packing. But living in KL, where there is no point in checking the weather (because it's the same every day) has thrown me off my game.


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