Thursday, May 3, 2007

Kitty Jail or Kitty Spa? You make the call.

When Matt and I moved overseas, we had to find a home for our cat, Katy. She also goes by many, many other names, such as Mimi, Meemus, Shmeemus, Rotten Kitty, Baby Kitty, or Meemus VonStinkyButt Meisterstein. We were very sad and still pine for The Meemus every day. Luckily, my sister and brother in law took her in, so it's good we got to share the Meemus joy with family. Heh.

This is one of her favorite activites. As soon as a suitcase appears, she sprawls across it in an attempt to stop you from packing. That, and generally looking at us with disdain, are her two most favorite activities. She is such a sweet baby kitty, and also a total bitch, as is the way with most cats. She is mixed breed, but there's got to be some Siamese in there somewhere. She has many Siamese traits, my favorite one being that she is the most vocal cat I have ever met. She'll tell you a story, all right. I miss how she used to allow us to sleep in the bed with her, and she would make biscuits on us until she settled on one of our chests in a successful effort to block the TV.

If you have to travel, she is usually okay for a day or so, but much more than that, and she will demonstrate her displeasure with you by peeing in your gym bag, or perhaps your pajama bottoms. Discovering that loving calling card after aforementioned gym bag has been sitting in your car all morning during a Texas summer is quite the treat. Ask Matt. We still love her to pieces though.

So, my sister and her husband had to go to San Diego this weekend, so they had to take her to Kitty Jail, as my sister calls it. Actually, it's Lakeline Animal Care in Austin, and they take wonderful care of her. Of course, Mimi will never let you know that.

Now, I've gotta ask you, does this look like Kitty Jail to you?

From their website: "Without question, our cat house provides the most charming and luxurious accomodations available for your cat. Your precious pet will enjoy his or her own unique hotel room. Each room is warmly decorated with it's own kitty-sized furniture to help your cat feel completely relaxed and at home. Each room also has a large window, so choose a view for your cat -- either overlooking the lovely reception lobby on the cat side, or overlooking the beautiful old oak trees and lush green lawn behind the main building."

She's so mistreated.

Kitty jail? More like kitty spa. Does she get aromatherapy with that?


At May 4, 2007 at 11:26 AM , Anonymous jen-i-foo-foo said...

As the foster parent for said kitty cat, I have to say that I pine for her each time we have to leave her at the Kitty Spa. It really is kind of pathologic. She is our baby, since we have none at home. In fact, Scott is in our room right now warting her so she'll play with him. And Sarah is right - I left my suitcase open when we got back from San Diego, and when I got home she was ensconced inside, using my good slacks as a pillow. She was incensed when I removed her from her nest.

Kitty Cat's vet is the mom of a patient of mine, so that's how we chose that place - plus, they offer paraffin claw trims and play music with birdies singing so she can "hunt" them. :)

At May 5, 2007 at 7:36 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

That's okay, she will just rip open the bottom of your mattress again and make her little cave. Don't you just love Meemus?

You know that when it comes to a choice of what she lies on - your clothes (the more expensive the better), wrapping paper, or the magazine you are trying to read will always win out over the bed or the floor. And forget about a cat bed. We have about three unused ones if you'd like to give it a shot.

And please tell me you are kidding about the paraffin claw trims, but sadly, I don't think you are.

At May 5, 2007 at 10:08 PM , Anonymous jen-i-foo-foo said...

Indeed, I just love The Meemus. Particularly at 4 am this morning, when I got up to pee and she decided it was time play "Mess With jen," in which she decided to hide and then jump out everytime I walked past something - the bed, the stairs, the island in the kitchen - then headbutt me all the way back to bed. Oh no - we considered getting a bed back during the winter when she liked to lay in front of the fireplace, but my copy of Oprah was always much more acceptable. That or Scott's feet.

Yes, I am kidding about the paraffin claw trims and birdie music. We just do that stuff at home. :)

At May 5, 2007 at 10:13 PM , Anonymous jen-i-foo-foo said...

In fact, as I type this, she is in my lap, wanting to play with the keyboard and headbutting me - "pet me! LOVE ME!"


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