Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Honda, the ADD Elephant

Friday morning in Koh Samui, we decided to go for an elephant trek. We arrived at the park and were promptly introduced to Honda, the ADD elephant. Of course we got the elephant in need of a massive dose of Ritalin. The elephant trek itself was pretty cool. They had a big bench on the elephants, with cushions between the bench and the elephant's back. They treated the animals very well, aside from forgetting the ADD medication and all. During our ride, Honda kept drifting off course, munching on leaves, gallivanting through the jungle, over bushes taller than she was, and generally being blissfully unaware that there were three people riding her - me, M and the guide, who sat on her head. All the other kids were minding their teachers, raising their hand, following the rules, and Honda was the kid at the back of the room eating paste. Oh, did I mention that Honda also had the shits during our ride? That's always romantic. Our guide kept laughing and saying, "Honda, shit! Honda, shit! Hahahaha!"

Have you heard an elephant fart? Is it wrong that M and I giggled like junior high kids while Honda kept phff, phff, phffing along? Who knew that elephant poo was so funny? But it so was. My eight year old nephew would have loved it.

After Honda finished her business, she decided to wander into the stream to munch on bamboo. Then something spooked her and we were off for a gallop down the river. Is gallop the right word? Do elephants gallop? I don't know, all I know is that Honda was feeling sprightly after her major weight loss, and we discovered that elephants can run pretty damn fast.

After the elephant ride, we walked up the stream a bit (upriver from the dumping ground) and swam in a beautiful swimming hole at the bottom of this amazing waterfall. It was the perfect temperature and was a gorgeous sight. Very cool indeed. Much needed relaxation after our elephant adventure.


At June 8, 2007 at 12:51 AM , Anonymous reese said...

the guide cracks me up. :)

was the swimming hole exclusive? were you the only ones there? i dream of finding a little tropical nook where no other folks are around. so peaceful!


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