Monday, May 21, 2007

Finders Keepers

Saturday night we got all spiffied up and went out on a real date. I even wore shoes that were NOT flip flops (although they were in the bag we brought, just in case). We went to NeroVivo on Jalan Ceylon. Quite the tasty taste treat. We had a great tuna carpaccio and I had the tagliatelle with veal. Yes, yes, I felt a tad guilty about ordering the veal, but not for long because, damn, it was awesome. M had the salmon with capers which was alright, although he enjoyed my veal more and felt less guilty than I did. I could write the whole damn post about the food, but I won't because A) this is not a food blog and B) it's completely uninteresting unless you share the same unnatural love of carbohydrates as I do. We had a great bottle of wine, and then more wine at the bar afterwards. In fact, so much wine that I left my cute sweater that goes so well with my cute new sundress at the restaurant. Of course, that's something I would do totally sober anyway.

So we went out again tonight. I know, on a school night and everything! It's part of our "How To Avoid E! Entertainment Television Turning Your Brain to Mush" plan. We went for dinner, then hit the grocery store (crazy kids that we are) and then went to get said sweater from the restaurant.

I called them on Sunday as soon as they opened. (I literally woke up and said "Oh shit" because that's the first thing I thought of when I woke up.) We went back to the restaurant tonight and I told them who I was and that I was here to get my sweater. After much looking around (but they WERE busy, so no big deal. I mean, I'm the asshat who left my clothing at the restaurant) she came back to me without said sweater and said, "Oh, you said you were coming yesterday."

Okay, this matters why? I thought. In all fairness, I HAD told them on Sunday that I would be there on Monday, but after a busy work day, rain, the thought of getting a taxi in the rain, and the fact that I am inherently lazy by nature, I waited until today. Sue me. Why should this matter? She further explained that the girl who was "keeping" my sweater was off tonight, so they would need to call me tomorrow. After being assured that the Girl Who Was Holding My Sweater Hostage would be working tomorrow, I told her that I would come back tomorrow.

It's no big deal; after all, it was my fault that I left the thing there. But I have to wonder...why is my sweater not at the restaurant tonight? Why is it with the Girl Who is Keeping It? Is she wearing my sweater around KL?

So, hopefully I will get my sweater back tomorrow, otherwise I will be running around KL in a strappy little sundress, which just won't do. They keep the malls 50 degrees Fahrenheit in KL.

We obviously need to go out more on school nights if this is the most interesting thing that I can write about tonight.


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