Monday, September 10, 2007


It's a bit of a snoozer around here these days...not a lot going on. So, just a few quick updates:


We finally got our possessed ceiling fan fixed. It took three (or four) appointments, but this time, the service guy finally showed. It was a bit touch and go for a while though, since this afternoon the service office called and said they needed to know where we lived. (Okay, I don't understand since they supposedly came by last week when we weren't here, but anyway.) So the service guy called, and he spoke mostly Malay. This is fine and all, since we are, after all, in Malaysia, but we were having a hard time of it - me understanding his questions, him understanding my directions. Luckily, M came home about then, so I was able to thrust the phone at him so that he could give the directions. He's just way better at being concise (big shocker there, I'm sure). So now we have a ceiling fan that not only turns on, but turns off as well. Handy.


The ants are back in our kitchen. How do ants get up to the 12th floor of a building? So I'm having to be extra clean and tidy in the kitchen so that they don't take over our pantry and march off with its contents, a la "ants at a picnic" that you see on cartoons. Being extra clean and tidy is tough for me. It goes against my very nature.


I was inspired by Donna, and I've started the Couch to 5K program. I was starting to work out a little anyway, and this program seemed like it would give me some structure and something to shoot for. I'm only on Day 3, so it remains to be seen if I stick with it or not. I still truly believe that endorphins are a myth created by Nike and Powerade.


It just occurred to me today that when I'm in Texas at the end of October, I'll be able to go to a high school football game! Give me a good high school or college game over the NFL any day. Plus, I'll get to see my nephew cheer, which I've never been able to do! Their squad is supposed to be really good too, so that will be fun. I love the smell of autumn high school football games - clean air, cut grass, nachos and hot dogs. It's not fall without it.


Speaking of high school football - Friday Night Lights just started showing on Star World here. All I can say is, having grown up in a town like that, the creators and writers are spot on. Spot On. They really capture the authenticity of the whole thing. I'd love to know who they have consulting on that show, and how they are so accurate. It's like they hung out at the diner in my hometown.

Yep, exciting times around here...


At September 10, 2007 at 9:31 PM , Anonymous donna said...

Woo hoo! Good for you, runner! Well, you liked to run before so it won't be so hard for you.

Seriously, invest in good shoes. If you can find a running store, go there. My crap Nikes made me hate it, but my lovely new ones are awesome!

At September 11, 2007 at 8:45 AM , Anonymous triad 1 said...

Do you know that Friday NIght Lights is one of my and S's favorite shows, and it is filmed in Austin? That we know almost every location they show? That the "diner" that they show the kids at is actually EZ's, up the street from my office, where I eat at least once a week and you have been, too? Do you like my run-on sentences?

At September 11, 2007 at 11:37 AM , Anonymous triad 1 said...

And - I find Coach Taylor/Kyle Chandler to be yummilicious.

At September 11, 2007 at 7:55 PM , Anonymous reese said...

are you going to run on a treadmill or outside somewhere?

I am thinking of doing the donna program (haha, new term for it) when we move into our new place. There's a treadmill/small gym there. When I was in college, I dropped a boatload of weight in a short amount of time by running.

I don't know about you, but I find I have to SERIOUSLY shorten my sentences, phrases, etc. around here. Case in point: in the US, to be "polite" I might say to a waiter:
"Could I get a refill of water when you get a moment?"

and all those extra words are my way of trying to be kind to said waiter.

In Malaysia, this gets me very blank stares, so it has been relegated to: "water, please."

Some other nice examples:

"Have notebook cooler?"
"Need washroom"
"Change, please"

etc, etc. I'm still learning, but I feel like I'm slowly losing some brain power by speaking like this. Today I found myself writing an email like "have to share small room." What happened to my "a"? I have lost it out of need to survive in Malaysia.

At September 12, 2007 at 8:09 AM , Anonymous triad 1 said...

Reese, that's called evolution. Survival of the Fittest. Darwin would be proud!

Seriously, you guys sound like robots - "water, please." Sounds like "Danger, Will Robinson"!

I have just aged myself, I know. Please don't tell me if you don't know the show. :)

At September 12, 2007 at 12:41 PM , Anonymous reese said...

yes, I know "danger, will Robinson" :) My dad used to use that one quite frequently.

Yes, we are robots. Apparently that's the next phase in our evolutionary cycle ;)


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