Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Baby Goodness

I'm so over this whole Dubai trip. Really. Just...over it. This latest visit has certainly not enamored me with the city, and I have had pain in the ass thing after pain in the ass thing happen since I've been here. Plus, I woke up last night with the worst pain in my stomach ever. The doctor on speed dial (aka Triad 1) assured me it was probably reflux, but damn, it was the worst reflux I have ever felt. Four Tums didn't even put a dent in it. So it looks like it may be Pepcid and sleeping sitting up for a while.

Enough with the bitching, because I tend to get on a roll if I indulge onto happier things!

I don't think I mentioned it earlier, but we had another doctor visit a couple of weeks ago. This one ended up being the BIG ultrasound, as they say, although I didn't know that until we were in the doctor's office and he started the ultrasound. It was a treat to get more than a couple minutes' glance at the wee one! We had made the decision to switch doctors while we were in the US over the holidays, so this was our first visit to the new one. We really liked him; he was thorough and explained everything we were looking at on the ultrasound, plus he gave us all the ultrasound photos on a CD to take home. But the best part were the 3D photos. I had imagined that those would not even be an option in KL, as they are just now becoming more mainstream in the US, and are an extra charge typically. So I figured that it wouldn't even be an option for us, but halfway through the ultrasound, he clicked the mouse a few times, and there our little girl was in 3D!

In other fun news, I feel the baby move on a regular basis now, and I have to say, it is the GROOVIEST FEELING EVER. One of my favorite things to do is lay there and just feel her wiggle all around.

And another fun baby-related tidbit...we have decided to take a trip to Singapore in a couple of weeks to look for nursery stuff. We've looked all around KL, and while we can find some things relatively easily, there are other items that we just need a larger selection to look at before making a decision. You know, because I'm so good with decisions...having MORE options is REALLY going to help with that. Yeah. But I am the kind of person who wants to see all her options before deciding on something, and I am just not happy with the selection of the three bouncy seats that we have seen in KL. Is that so wrong? So off to Singapore we will go, where the stores have a larger selection, and (hoping against hope), the prices might be a wee bit better. We are primarily going to look for nursery furniture. We can only find cribs in KL, with the occasional plastic changing table, and sorry, but I'm not paying $550 US for a plastic crib. I'm just saying. When the saleswoman told me the price, I felt a little rude for my snort of laughter, but are you freaking kidding me? It's PLASTIC. There's supposed to be some lovely furniture in Singapore, though, which I'm totally jazzed about. Our car packing skills will be put to the test as we cram half of Singapore's nursery inventory into the teeny MyVi.


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