Friday, June 8, 2007

Does He Want to Go Home With the Armadillo?*

M snapped this photo near a temple that was just down the beach from our hotel in Koh Samui. He showed it to me and I asked him if the monk saw him taking his picture, because I'm not really sure of the etiquette of all that and I certainly wouldn't have wanted to offend.

M said no, he didn't notice, because he was too busy messing with his iPod. I thought that was kind of interesting. But what was even more amusing was that his iPod was playing...get this...Bellamy Brothers. Priceless. I wonder if he has any Jerry Jeff Walker on there?

* The post title is from the song "I Wanna Go Home With the Armadillo", which is by old school Texas country singer Jerry Jeff Walker, who also sings "Sangria Wine" as well as a personal favorite of mine (and Texas bars across the state), "(Up Against the Wall) Redneck Mother".

An armadillo is an animal found in Texas. Sometimes seen alive, but usually as roadkill given that they don't see well in the daytime and they tend to skitter across country roads right in front of Billy Bob and his Ford Dually. A teacher of mine thought it was a little dinosaur when she saw one for the first time. I guess it kind of looks like one. But still. A dinosaur? You teach Honors English, woman.



At June 8, 2007 at 9:39 PM , Anonymous donna said...

Ah, Jerry Jeff... Brings back many many drunken college memories. I used to know all the words to Redneck Mother, but I don't think I do anymore.

Seriously the monk was messing with his iPod? I'm so disappointed. I thought they all just meditated and thought deep thoughts all the time.


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