Friday, February 8, 2008

Spoke Too Soon...

Well, we got two days of a fully functioning condo before something else konked out. Our bedroom air conditioner has decided to die...for the THIRD time. If it was any other unit, it wouldn't be a big deal, but I can't stand to be hot when I sleep, and having to sleep with a full body pillow doesn't exactly keep one cool and refreshed, does it? With Chinese New Year, it will be at least next week before we can get the contractors over here again to play the "Let's guess at what the problem might be" game.

Now, the good news is that our owner is actually pretty great. She is very responsive and will usually intervene to help expedite things if necessary. So we are lucky to have her as an advocate, but still, we are looking at at least several more muggy, stuffy nights. We are hoping we can just get the unit replaced. It's too small for the room and so it always works at maximum capacity and just peters out. We need to step up to the next size compressor, or else we will just continue to play this game until we leave KL.

Moving on...on the positive front, Paula Abdul appears to be spiking her Coca Cola cup on American Idol again this season, which is FABULOUS. The hiccup last week was truly awesome. It's the little things that keep me entertained.


At February 11, 2008 at 12:22 AM , Blogger Marianne said...


Oh how I love to read your blog, especially after spending 10 days in K.L. last week. I would love to actually have email conversations with you about questions I have for someone who actually "lives" there (not sounding like a stalker or anything!). I have met expats who live there but none that are "American". Things are just so different. We have "found" a house, but due to the Chinese New Year, everything was put on HOLD for everyone to celebrate! My husband is still in K.L. It seems as though I will have lots to get used to! I did think the people in K.L. are really nice. The secretary at my husbands office was so helpful, (few flaws, but no one is perfect, except me! lol). The food was a bit different (to say the least) my husbands co workers continued to insist we eat local and Chinese food, I figure me and my kids will get really skinny, kind of like going to a fat farm!
I can only imagine how the "smells" that they have in different places would really bother a pregnant person, I feel for you!
We are "going" to be living in the Mt. Kiara/Bangsar area, which seems to be close to all my needs, but my husband went to the Tropicana area today and fell in love, it may be simply the golf course! We have sent in the boys applications for Mont’ Kiara International.

Your blog has opened my eyes to a few things, like no season's changing... I am sure I will miss that also. And the supper bowl commercials! WOW, that was an eye opener. My husband is looking into some kind of online cable network or something like that so we will be able to watch all the LSU games. But as you said, it will be something we watch over breakfast, not beer and chips, (and the occasional GUMBO!) Wish you the best, hope the fridge thing straightens itself out. Take care!


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