Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Perhaps a Blog Name Change is in Order?


I am no longer an expat.

In three short weeks, M will no longer be an expat either.

It really is quite a long story, but I’ll try to summarize:

The whole thing started about a month ago, when we found out about a family issue involving my stepdaughter. Add to that several days of wondering how to handle said situation, until deciding that it would be best if we moved back to the US. Then throw into the mix the fact that a few days later I started having contractions. And not just a couple. At 25 weeks. Then add to that a hospital stay, some medication (which I’m still on), a hastily made trip back to the US as soon as my doctor cleared me, and here we are.

So hopefully this explains why this blog has been so quiet lately. I’ve been a little distracted. But you should hear more from me now that I am back and getting settled into a bit of a routine.

As for me, I am not on bedrest, but on a vague “take it easy” sort of regimen which involves medication, working from home most days, and (apparently) eating bizarre quantities of food, all while finding none of it all that appealing. The baby and I are fine, which we are so unbelievably thankful for.

Sooo…..our repatriation begins. Hmmm...perhaps a new name for this blog might be in order...